Art Work


Ritual of the Moon (2019). A 28 day experience about loneliness, destruction, and healing.

the earth is a better person than me (2018) A visual novel about sex with the earth.

Humaning (2017) An interspecies tabletop role playing game

Just Tell Me How You Feel (2017) A short poetry game about communication

Swallow (2016) Experimental found footage doc about mental health and guts.

Live Among Ghosts (2016) With Haunts Collective. Interactive installation of a deconstructed and re-crafted computer.

 Little Pharm (2013-2016) Various plants in used anti-depressant bottles.

(un)done (2015) With Milin Li and Amanda Tom. Two-player wearable game about falling in and out of love.

Cyber Sext Adventure (2015) Cyber sex with a bot

Cyclothymia (2015) Narrative game about astrology and emotional phases

Feminist Confessional (2015) Twine game – Confess your anti-feminist sins and repent.

Techno Tarot (2014) Robot reads your tarot cards.

Boss Up, Daughter (2014) Conversation with my mother about being a boss.

Super Uplifting Friendship Simulator (2014) Twine game made for a friend who I don’t get to see as often as I would like.

 Knitting Simulator 2014 (2014) with Gabby DaRienzo. Knitting game with needle controllers

Sext Adventure (2014) sexting text adventure game

Parts to Remember (2014) Interactive found footage of an exploration of somatic memories

Cyborg Goddess (2014) Choose your own cyborg or goddess adventure game

Medication Meditation (2014) Videogame about the daily mundanities of life and health maintenance.

Hand to Heart (2013) Videogame feeling your pulse.

DIY Body (2013) Crafting female organs and body parts using traditional feminine crafts.

Polaroid Panic (2012) Pictures collected from three months worth of panic attacks.


Student films:

WARRIORS!: My Daddy Left Me Too (2011) Short narrative drama following a man on a quest to become a better father.

How To Use A Word (2010) Short experimenal where a woman who starts to jumble and confuse words.

Simmer, Garnish, Serve (2010) Short drama of a young woman learning to cook.

To Be Looked At-ness (2009) Written by Emmit Soldati. A woman’s love affair with a camera.

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