Knitting Simulator 2014

Knitting Simulator 2014 was created with Gabby DaRienzo  in Dames Making Games Julivewire Jam. It’s made using a makey makey, a tilt switch and craftiness.

Knitting Simulator uses an alternative controller created by Stone and DaRienzo that reappropriated traditional crafting tools. There is no winning or losing, just experiencing the rhythm of crafting and discovering what sort of sweater you make. It brings forth a questioning of naming videogames and technology “masculine” and crafting “feminine,” calling back to Ada Lovelace and other influential women in technology who related technology to weaving on a loom, sewing, and cross-stitching, breaking down the dichotomy between digital and physical.

Knitting Simulator 2014 blends crafting and gaming for a unique experience. The player uses knitting needles to control stitching a digital sweater. The blending of stereotypical masculine and feminine dichotomy makes a thought provoking and interrogational game while using hyper-cute imagery.

Make your own knitting needle controllers or simply press spacebar to knit and play. Download (Mac only)



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