Third Person: Unearthing Desire in a Digital Age 

Indie Games: ‘The Earth is a Better Person Than Me’ Explores Self & Sexuality Through Communing With Nature

Polygon: Gorgeous Student Game is Designed to be Played in Time with the Lunar Cycle

Function Keys 3Catalogue: Affect and Empathy in the Work of Kara Stone page 6-7

Canadaland’s The Imposter: Database Error Hairy Chest

Bedford and Bowery: At The Mystical Digital, Videogames Can Be Witchy Too

YYZ Game Show: Artists Profile

Gladstone Hotel: Grow Op x Q&A with Artist Kara Stone

YYZ game Show: Featured Event – Vector Game Art Festival

Play Dead Podcast: Episode 2

Kill Screen: Cyclothymia shows us how to deal with a mental health issue through astrology

Offworld: The Divine Witches of Cyberspace

readwrite: Sexting With Robots With Kara Stone

Kill Screen: The Unusual Ways an Algorithm can Result in Intimacy

CGMagazine: Artist and Game-Maker Breaks Video Game Boundaries

CBC Montreal: Interview with CBC Montreal about GAMERella game jam

The Plaid Zebra: This videogame lets you practice your sexting skills on a robot

The Plaid Zebra: Mysticism, meditation and… videogames? Indie game developer Kara Stone reimagines gaming

Tech Girls: Portrait of Strength Series

Kill Screen: Part of the Emergent Artist series – Sexting with Robots with Kara Stone

Mollie Makes: Virtual Knitting: As Simple as Pressing Spacebar

Make: Knitting Simulator 2014

The Hairpin: Adventures in Sexting: An Interview with Kara Stone

Polygon: Sexting with a bot: Exploring tech and intimacy with dirty messages

The Daily Dot: I sexted with a robot and all I got were these lousy hand cramps

Wired: I had bot sex and it left me confused

The Mary Sue: In Sext Adventure, a Sexting Robot Doesn’t Conform to Your Human Notions of Gender

Vice Motherboard: Am I Turing You On? There’s Now a Sexting Robot

Warp Door: Parts To Remember

Kill Screen: Kill Screen Playlist Selection

Pocket Gamer: The healing rituals of Medication Meditation could help in battling depression

Paper Droids: Bit Bazaar Spring Fari 2014 Video Game Picks

Built to Play: Vector-Based Romance

Built to Play: Distant Love

Canoe Button Mashers: Art Gallery of Ontario hosts video games made by Toronto developers in recent exhibit

Toronto Star: Dames Making Games organization helps women make video games

McClungs, Winter 2014: Breaking Into The Boys Club

Sing Tao: Groups encourage women to design videogames

MetroDames Making Games gives female video-game creators a voice

Marketplace Tech: part of Mind Games: Mental Health and Virtual Reality. No guns or race cars or strategy in this video game

The Atlantic: Mental Illness: The Video Game

Kill Screen: MedicationMeditation transforms mental illness into mini-games

Gadzeto Mania: Serious Games

NOW Magazine: Dames Saving Games 


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