Talks and Publications


Stone, Kara. “UnearthU: Modelling and Making Space for Connection,” [Re | Dis] Connection. Ed. Lynda Clark & Raivo Kelomees. Carnegie Mellon Univerity: ETC Press. 2023.

Stone, Kara. “Reparative Game Creation: Disability in Design,” Design Issues. Winter 2023 (39:1). Editors Elizabeth LaPensée and Jim Malazita

 Stone, Kara “The Two Sides of Environmental Games: A Review of Alenda Chang’s Playing Nature”. The Journal of Environmental Media. Vol. 2, No. 2.

Stone, Kara. “Self Care as a Game: Psychosocial Disability and Apps that Heal.” Diseases in Digital Games: Theories, Topics, Analyses. Edited by Arno Görgen and Stefan H. Simond. Transcipt + Medical Humanities.

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Stone, Kara. “Naturally Crazy: Agency and Affect in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest and Girl, Interrupted,” Health Tomorrow, Interdisciplinarity and Internationality. Vol 2, No 1 (2014)

Keynotes and Invited Talks: 

2022                A MAZE. International Games and Playful Media Festival. “Healing Journeys + The Environment in UnearthU”:

2022                Code Coven, UK. “Games as Art.” April 13th.

2022                Playing with Care, Laboring with Care at the Studio for Mediating Play at University of Texas, Dallas. “Reparative Games.” April 11th.

2021                Wilfred Laurier University, “Posthuman Games for Posthuman Players: Non-Human Game Spaces, Assets, and Interfaces”. Roundtable with N. Katherine Hayles, Lynne Hughes, and Sandra Danilovic. November 22nd.

2021                Ecogames Symposium. “Transforming into the Environment: Imagining the Multi-Species Perspective.” Utrecht University, The Netherlands. October 12-13.

2021                Video Game Art Gallery. “Fireside with Kara Stone.” Virtual. August 25.

2020                Mackenzie Art Gallery. “Let’s Play UnearthU with Kara Stone.” Livestream.                                Regina, Canada.

2019                Game Developers Conference, Indie SoapboxMental Illness and Videogames,                         San Francisco, USA (at 51:05)

2019                Inter/Access Gallery. Art + Anxiety series. Reparative Games: Mental Illness and                        Game Art”. Toronto, Canada

2017                IndieCade, Mental Illness and Videogames, Los Angeles, USA.

2016                Centre[3] Function Keys. “Affective Play.” Hamilton, Canada.

2015                North Carolina State University. The Rolf Buchdahl Symposium on Science,                                 Technology, and Human Values. “The Gamergate Controversy: An Examination of                Gender Concerns in Video Game Design, Culture, and Practices”. Raleigh, USA.

2014                TAG Lab, Concordia University, GAMERella . “Boss Up, Daughter”. Keynote

Conference Panelist: 

2022                Digital Games Research Association. Panel “Research Creation in Games”. Warsaw, Poland.

2021                International Conference on Games and Narratives. “Healing Journeys: UnearthU.”                     University of Waterloo. Virtual. June 2021.

2021                Game Developers Conference. “A Healing Journey: Designing UnearthU.” Virtual.

2021                Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS), “Queer Ecology in Games and                             Art”. Virtual.

2019                Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts (SLSA), “Repairing Games: Duration                        and Debility.” University of California, Irvine

2018                Queerness and Games Conference, “Natural: Exploring Queerness, Psychosocial                          Disability, and Environmentalism Through Game Design.” Concordia University,                    Montréal, Canada.

2018                Canadian Game Studies Association Annual Conference at Congress of the                                   Humanities and Social Sciences. “Reparative Game Design: Queer Time, Crip                                   Time, Deep Time, Quantum Time” The University of Regina.

2017                Queerness and Games Conference. “Ritual of the Moon: Queer Time and Game                            Design University of Southern California. Los Angeles, USA. 2017                                        

2017                Canadian Game Studies Association Annual Conference at Congress of the                                   Humanities and Social Sciences, “What Can Play? Post-Humanism and                                               Videogames.” Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada.

2017                Muddied Waters: Decomposing the Anthropocene, “What Can Play? Post-                                     Humanism and Videogames.” York University, Toronto, Canada.

2016                Refiguring Feminism in Games, “What Can Play? Post-Humanism and                                          Videogames” Concordia University, Montreal., Canada.

2015                Queerness and Games Conference, “Writing and Selling Queer Bots: Sext                                     Adventure Design Post Mortem” University of California Berkeley, USA.

2016                The World in 2050: Creating/Imagining Just Climate Futures, “Live Among                                  Ghosts: Recycling Feminist Materials,” Online Conference hosted by University of                    California at Santa Barbara, USA.

2015                History of Gender in Games Conference, “Fuck Games: Sex/uality and Game                                Design,” Montreal, Canada.  

2015                AlterConf. “Feelings and Videogames,” Toronto, Canada.

2014                The Playsthetics of Experimental Digital Games. “empyre soft_skinned_space.”

2014                Interface 2014: Transmediating Culture, “Sext Adventure: Mediating Intimacy.”                           Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.

2014                Transgressing Media: The Critical Themes in Media Studies,. “Hand to Heart” The                       New School, New York City, USA.

2013                (Re)Activating Objects. “Naturally Crazy: Agency and Affect in One Flew Over                           the Cuckoo’s Nest and Girl, Interrupted.” Western University, London, Canada.

2014                Boston Festival of Indie Games, “Affective Games: Mental Illness and                                           Videogames.” Boston, USA.

2013                Pop Culture Association PCA/ACA, “Naturally Crazy: Agency and Affect in One                         Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Girl, Interrupted” Washington D.C, USA.



Twine workshop with Kaitlin Tremblay at E-Poetry, Performance, Play conference. York University April 16th 2014

Scratch Workshop at UrbanArts. 8-12 year olds. With Dames Making Games. 2014

Twine workshop for TIFF Reel Comfort at Mt. Sinai Hospital, Toronto General Hospital, and St. Michael’s Hospital. July 2014

Full Motion Videogames using iV engine workshop with TIFF youth camp. July 23rd 2014

Scratch Workshop at Riverdale Immigrant Women’s Centre with Dames Making Games. August 15th 2014

Play Your Story at Rexdale Community Health Centre. August 2014.

Crafting Videogames workshop at A Handmade Assembly. Sackville New Brunswick, October 23-25th 2014

Twine workshop with TIFF Reel Comfort at Gilda’s Club. Toronto, October 29th 2014

TechnoCraft workshop at Intersections Conference, Thresholds, Toronto, March 13th 2015

Twine workshop at McMaster University, March 25th 2015 Hamilton

Indie Game Maker Workshop at HUB Ottawa, hosted by RedBrick Rooster Creative Strategy and Media. March 27th 2015

SELF CARE HOUR, at Different Games, April 2-3rd 2015 New York City

TechnoCraft Workshop, Maker Fest, Toronto. August 2 2015

Interactive Text Games using Twine Workshop at Pixelles, Montreal, November 2nd 2015

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