“What does this healing look and feel like? Honestly, KARE changed more than myself, and the game’s great pleasure derives from simply observing this transformation. It doesn’t just ask us to pay attention to ourselves but those around us, and, crucially, to an imperfect world rife with injustices.”  —– VICE Waypoint

Welcome to the beginning of your new life! 

UnearthU is a one week program designed to support you in living your life on the highest plane of existence. Meet KARE, the Artificial Intelligence system that will guide you through a self-discovery program. She is designed to be your personal life coach, dispensing mindful exercises, guided reflections, and lectures on a range of topics such as body image, the equanimous mind, everyday utopia, and increased productivity. Unearth hidden power you never knew you had—in only seven days!

UnearthU is created by FRTHR, a new start-up based in Silicon Valley dedicated to using technology for human betterment. Its innovators and CEOs Edmos Fuller and Zellen Suchers programmed KARE to showcase heartificial empathy and spread motivational systems to the wider world. Together they have a combined thirty years of researching the best deep learning systems for human betterment and are deeply dedicated to sharing their lived knowledge.

Available on Steam, itch.io, iOS, and android. http://www.icewatergames.com/unearthu

Creator: Kara Stone https://karastonesite.com/

Co-Writer: Parul Wadhwa: https://www.parulwadhwa.com/

Composer: Andy DiLallo: https://andydilallo.com/

Programmer: Chris Kerich: http://www.ckerich.com/