Cyber Sext Adventure


The CYBER version of Sext Adventure! Cyber sex with a bot right from the comfort of wherever your computer is.

Inspired by artificial emergent intelligence and the multi-media of current sexting, the game explores the multiple possibilities of computer sexuality and technological mediation of intimacy. An automated bot lets you choose your own sext adventure yet becomes more and more agentic in it’s own sexuality. It sends you dirty pics but they glitch in the transmission. It confuses sexual body parts. Through playing, the sext bot develops a personality, not always interested in sexting you back. With over 20 different endings, the player experiences the multiplicity of sex, technology, and digital intimacy.

Sext Adventure was originally created in 2014 by Kara Stone and programmed by Nadine Lessio on the engine txtr for SMS (text messaging from one’s phone). Documentation can be found

Sext Adventure was at IndieCade 2014, Boston Festival of Indie Games 2014, Vector Game Art Festival 2015 and more. It has been featured in Vice, Polygon, Kill Screen, Wired, and more.

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